Lip Pump Plumping Device for Natural Lip Enhancement

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Lip Pump - Plumping Device

This unique lip pump uses a natural vacuum process to gently coax fluid into the lips, plumping the lips while increasing circulation in the lip and mouth area.

Lip pump can increase your lip size by 50% when the specially designed vacuum engages the lips. Increasing the circulation to this area dramatically increases the lip size and enhances the entire mouth area by plumping up small lines that invade the lip line in mature women. No needles, no pain, no surgery. There are no messy creams that contain harmful chemicals, there is no need for doctor visits and consequently, expensive bills! Just full, pouty lips that keep you looking younger.  

In the beginning, the lip tissue must be gradually enhanced by using the device sparingly for the first two weeks. We recommend five two-second pulls per day for the first two weeks. After the initial two-week conditioning period, you may increase the duration of the pulls to five x five seconds pulls for a few days. By following this conditioning routine your lips will stay plump longer and you will minimise bruising or discolouration of the lips that can result from overzealous users.  Results will vary with each individual. The duration of the pump will depend on your personal metabolism and the duration of the pulls. For example, three twenty-second pulls will create fuller lips for a longer period of time than three ten-second pulls. Most women report that a medium plump will last from 4 to 8 hours. We recommend that you create a medium plump in the morning and pump again during the day as needed.  

Lip pump is an effective alternative to injections or surgical procedures. The device will create fuller, natural looking lips for women who have smaller lips and for women who have lost volume in their lips.

Instructions for use:

  • First, remove the bottom of the pump and lubricate the pump ring. You may use any type of moisturiser to do so. This enables a tighter seal.
  • Once you have the pump lubricated, apply the pump to your mouth and gently suck the air through to ensure the pump is properly in place. The short side to the top longer side to the bottom is the correct position. Once the pump is positioned accordingly, pump the pump until the lips are sucked into the mouthpiece.
  • Continue to draw the pump out slowly and push back in again and repeat.

Important Information:

It is important to condition your lips for proper usage of the pump. Keep in mind, excessive use could cause some pain and or bruising. If this happens to discontinue use. Do not use lip pump if you have had lip injections and/or fillers. Check with your doctor before using this product if your lips or mouth are under a doctor's care or if you have any of the following conditions: issues with your teeth, gums, tongue, or mouth; oral surgery, cold sores/fever blisters, blood thinning issues or if you take blood-thinning medication. If you have an allergic reaction, stop use and call your doctor immediately.

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